When you feel your best, you do your best.

Time to ditch diet plans that drain your energy and make you feel miserable. Boost your health and energy without losing your sanity, and continue creating the life and work that you want.


5-Day Walk to Wellness Challenge

The holidays are here! When things get hectic this time of year, it's easy to put your health and self-care on the back burner. But trust me: you'll have a much more enjoyable season if you're feeling your best.

I know you're busy and have a lot on your plate right now. So in this challenge we're keeping it simple:

5 daily walks + 5 wellness tips to help you thrive during the holidays. That's it! Are you in?

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I'm Fabiana. Nice to meet you!

I spent years jumping on and off the diet wagon and obsessing over food choices and my weight. I used to beat myself for not being able to stick to any diets and for swinging between restriction and binging on a regular basis.

I was fighting the same battles over and over again until I finally learned how to create lasting change in my life by finding peace with food and cultivating healthy habits that didn't make me feel miserable.

Now I help other smart ladies leave the diet wagon for good and start a life of true gains.

Fabiana Simões, author of Nourish + Prosper